This About is about nothing.

My nickname in some circles is Ameliz, and I like the title (a quote from the movie Amelie).

I’m writing in this journal to break myself of the “audience” habit in LiveJournal and to work through some issues.

I’ve discovered that I like to not know who my audience is.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Its from the film amelie written by the “failed writer”. I think it basicaly means, without you, the emotions of today will just be the dust of yesterdays. meaning…emotions won’t change if youre not there.they stay the same and grow old. or so i believe

  2. ameliz Says:

    Yeah, that’s about as close as I can come to a definition as well. Great movie.

  3. Will Says:

    What it actually means is that when person x is with you you have certain emotions to that situation, and when is person is not there anymore . . . your emotions are just a charade of the ones you had when this person was with you.

    It is meant as a mask on a sad face to say so 🙂

    Next to that it means you might be lonely it might also mean, that telling this to person x you have deep feelings for this person.

    The film it self was fabulous 🙂

  4. Brit Says:


    Why did you stop writing?

  5. ameliz Says:

    When I was writing, I was in a bad/sad place after breaking up with someone, and now I’ve met someone new, and I’m not in that place anymore. 🙂 Thanks for asking, though.

  6. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  7. eamo Says:

    peace be with you my pretty child, my sweetone,may the swords of heaven curve your soul.

  8. Muthdra Says:

    Ameliz, who are you?

  9. Dove Says:

    What if after a year has passed since the break up that person still has this quote on their profile?

  10. Beth Says:

    @Dove: Well, maybe they are like me, and they totally forgot this was out here, until this comment showed up in their in box. I’d also say stop looking at their profile, cold turkey. No more. It’s incredibly freeing – you have your own life and your own quotes to put on your profile. All descions are yours, and have nothing to do with what _they_ say or do or quote.

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